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CABR™ Detection Probes

Creative Bioarray focuses on building efficient detection probes to meet the needs and timelines of clients working in the tumor and genetic disease profiling. We offer a portfolio of CABRTM detection probes including oncology probes, prenatal FISH probes, microdeletion probes, and hematology probes. These highly sensitive detection products will help you observe the labeled nucleic acid for diagnosis of disease, such as leukemia, lymphoma, solid tumors, autism and other developmental syndrome.

List of CABRTM Detection Probes

CABR™ Detection Probes

Oncology Probes

Cell line Research can range from cell immortalized, authentication to cell-based assays. Based on these services, we can provide high throughput screening assays and other custom bioassays to characterize cell line for our clients.

CABR™ Detection Probes

Prenatal FISH Probes

Our prenatal FISH probes can identify different locus of chromosome 13, 14, 18, 21, 22, X and Y. We also provide satellite enumeration probes and multi-color probe kit that can be applied for prenatal testing and the clinical practice of prenatal diagnosis.

CABR™ Detection Probes

Microdeletion Probes

We have a variety of micordeletion probes, such as XIST probe, SRY probe, MAPT probe and so on, which are frequently used for confirming the microdeletion syndromes phenotypes to help the genetic diagnosis and clinical research of our customers.

CABR™ Detection Probes

Hematology Probes

We offer more than one hundred kinds of hematology probes which comprises breakapart probes, deletion probes, fusion probes, ATM probes etc. to detect several studies related to chromosomal rearrangements, chromosomal deletions, or gene translocations.

CABR™ Detection Probes

iPS/ES Probe

We provide high-quality and easy-to-use FISH probes for iPS/ES research.

CABR™ Detection Probes

Nucleolus Probe

We offer nucleolus probe to detect nucleolus. This probe is easy-to-use and can be used for fixed cells and tissues.

Our Advantages

  • We guarantee a preliminary result offer within 24 hours through the use of our probe products.
  • Choosing our probes will be effective in helping you with early diagnosis of disease and further effective treatment.
  • Our probes with high signal to noise ratio characteristics, can provide you more reliable data.

Creative Bioarray is a global organization with unparalleled laboratory equipment and experienced researchers. We can provide you the most reliable products that add scientific value to your projects. With years of hardworking, we have served a large number of clients from all over the world with variety service which gain consistent great evaluation. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details to satisfy your needs.

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