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ADME Testing

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ADME, an abbreviation for absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination, describes the disposition of drug candidates within an organism. ADME determine the drug levels and kinetics within a body, and hence influence the performance and bioactivity of the compound as a drug. Therefore, ADME assessment of candidate compounds is a crucial step in drug development before going to clinical trials.

Creative Bioarray offers standard, predictive and comprehensive cell-based ADME tests by utilization of the state-of-the-art techniques, industry leading products and equipment. We are dedicated to helping drug developers reduce cost and time-to-market by providing reliable and fast data. The service groups at Creative Bioarray are highly skilled in absorption, transport metabolism studies, which enable us to develop a wide range of ADME tests to meet the customers’ special needs.




Identifying the interactions between candidate compounds and transporters is an important step in the development of drugs. Drug transporters, functioning as uptake or efflux pumps, are widely expressed in many tissues including intestinal enterocytes, hepatocytes, kidney proximal tubules, blood-brain barrier capillary endothelial cells. Drug-transporter interaction influences not only the bioavailability but also interactions between different drugs.  Creative Bioarray has extensive expertise in determining whether a test compound act as a substrate or inhibitor of various transporters.

The transporters we test include but not limited to:

☆ P-gp (P-glycoprotein, or MDR1)
☆ BCRP (Breast Cancer Resistance Protein)
☆ MRP2 (Multi-Drug Resistance Protein 2)

To this end, bi-directional transport assays are conducted by Creative Bioarray using Caco-2 or MDR1-MDCK cells. Other cell lines are also available according to your specifications.


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