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Cancer Cell Line-derived Xenograft (CDX) Model


Cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model

Immunotherapy has recently emerged as a viable approach to cancer treatment. Although the recent clinical trials validate the overall approach of immunotherapy and hint at a greater potential, most patients still need more effective treatments, underscoring the heterogeneity of human antitumor immune responses. Unfortunately, our understanding of human cancer immunology is currently limited. However, mouse tumor models remain an almost obligatory stepping stone to undertaking studies in patients with cancer.

Cell line-Derived Xenograft (CDX) model is a well-established and commonly used mouse tumor model type for the research and development of anti-tumor drugs and immunotherapy. More recently, human tumors implanted directly into immunodeficient mice have become increasingly popular as evidence accrues that they more accurately recapitulate features of patient tumors. However, CDX model still possesses pervasive application at the early stage of in vivo study, due to its user-friendly techniques as well as excellent repeatability.

With decades of operational experience and technology platform of tumor cells, Creative Bioarray has established various well-validated cell-line-derived xenograft (CDX) models to satisfy your in vivo research, of which both solid tumors and precious hematological malignances models are available to customers. Creative Bioarray also provides customized services aiming at personal requirements. Our all-around products involve CDX models construction and delivery, in vivo projects execution as well as the final results presentation in the field of Oncology research.

Creative Bioarray CDX models advantages

  • Possessing platform with various types of tumor cells
  • The most commonly used models to study human cancers in mice
  • User-friendly techniques as well as excellent repeatability
  • High efficiency of xenoplastic transplantation
  • Providing customized services aiming at the personal requirement
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Strictly QC tests

Generation of CDX models

CDX models are established by inoculating passage tumor cells in vitro, and culturing them into the body of immune deficient mice, which have high homology due to the long-term in vitro passage of cells. Tumor cell lines are generally inoculated into immune deficient mice subcutaneously, intravenously, or orthotopically.

Cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model


  • Therapeutic drug clinical testing
  • In vivo pharmacological and pharmacodynamic detection
  • Study and research on the development of oncology and immunotherapy

Study examples

Cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model

Fig.1 Histological appearance of direct heterotopic (a) and orthotopic (b) xenograft tumors (H&E)

Cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model

Fig.2 Orthotopic injection of pancreatic cancer cells. (a) Normal mouse pancreas externalized through a left subcostal incision. (b) Appearance of mouse pancreas after injection of cell solution (100 μl).

Quotation and ordering

If you have any special needs in establishment or application of Cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model, please contact us at or 1-631-626-9181 for this special service. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.


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2.Dranoff, G. Experimental mouse tumor models: what can be learnt about human cancer immunology?. Nature Reviews Immunology. 2012, 12: 61-66.

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