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Reporter Gene Assays

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Cell-based reporter gene assays have been widely applied in biomedical and pharmaceutical researches. These assays involve introduction of DNA sequences encoding report genes, which can be easily detected in a fluorescent, luminescent or colorimetric way. Target gene activation within cells or cellular responses to external stimuli can be detected at transcriptional/translational levels.

A report gene is characterized by the ability to encode a protein with a readily detectable and distinguishable phenotype. In reporter gene assays, reporter genes are placed under the control of target genes or promoters. Therefore, gene activation or signaling pathway induction can be reflected by changes of reporter genes. The most commonly used reporter genes are fluorescent protein (GFP) and luciferase. GFP assays are more suitable for highly-expressed genes and dynamic analysis, while luciferase assays are better for more sensitive experiments.

Creative Bioarray strives to conduct custom reporter gene assays for your drug discovery. We are well-experienced in reporter genes construction using GFP and luciferase according to your specifications. We can also perform reporter gene assays with your own reporter gene constructs. Our reporter gene assays have been applied in identifying from ligands of target receptors such as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) to stimulators/inhibitors of entire signaling pathways such as insulin pathway. First, specific reporter genes are constructed and engineered cells are obtained. Then candidate compounds are added, and target gene or pathway activation are monitored by quantifying fluorescence. The readouts are technically simple and cost efficient and also amenable to HTS.

Reporter Gene Assays


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