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Pre-made Tissue Array

Creative Bioarray is one of the most reliable providers with the highest quality tissue arrays in the industry and maintains the most stringent standards on quality controls. We have constructed high quality tissue arrays from our in-house repository with a comprehensive archive of over 500,000 human tissue samples and 30,000 animal samples. 

Creative Bioarray carries a variety of TMAs representing normal and cancer human tissue slides. All TMAs include slide layout and tissue pathology information.Clinical information has also been gathered and we will be able to offer the research community sets of large and high quality arrays linked to clinical information. 

Tissue microarrays are produced by re-locating tissues from conventional histological blocks. Typically, 40 to 1,000 cylindrical formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue cores can be densely and precisely arrayed into a single paraffin block. From the block, up to 300 serial 4-8 μm thick sections can be produced and placed on individual glass microscopic slides. Tissue microarray enables parallel in situ detection of DNA, RNA, or protein targets in each specimen on an array at cellular and tissue levels; at the same time, the large number of available consecutive arrays allows rapid analysis of multiple molecular markers in the same set of specimens. Essentially the same tests performed on conventional histological samples including H&E staining, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization can be done separately, or in parallel, on tissue microarrays.
Animal Tissue Array
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