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Human Pre-Adipocyte Cells

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  • Cat.No.
  • CSC-C4083X
  • Description
  • Creative Bioarray's Human Pre-Adipocyte Cells provide an ideal culture model for the study of diabetes, obesity, metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and adipose biology. Human Pre-Adipocytes can be expanded in an undifferentiated state for future differentiation to mature Adipocytes. Creative Bioarray's Human Pre-Adipocytes may also be differentiated down chondrogenic, and osteogenic lineages.

    Cell Features:
    HMSC-Ad are isolated from adult lipoaspirate and are cryopreserved as secondary cells.
    HMSC-WJ are isolated from the Wharton's Jelly of human umbilical cord and are cryopreserved as secondary cells.
    HMSC-Pre-Adipocyte are isolated from mature adipocytes and are cryopreserved as secondary cells.
    HMSC are extensively tested for quality and optimal performance.
    Creative Bioarray guarantees performance and quality.
  • Organism
  • Human
  • Storage and Shipping
  • Store in liquid nitrogen and ship in dry ice.


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