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Human CD133+ Progenitor Cells from Cord Blood (hCD133+-CB)

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  • Cat.No.
  • CSC-C4054X
  • Description
  • CD133 (Prominin-1) is a glycoprotein with sub-cellular localization in plasma membrane protrusions. In humans, this protein was originally identified as an antigenic marker expressed on hematopoietic stem cells. In addition,CD133 is also expressed by neural and muscle progenitor cells.
    CD133+ cells are isolated in Creative Bioarray's facilities from fresh cord blood. These cells are highly proliferative primitive progenitors. They can give rise to mature, terminally differentiated blood cells by means of directed differentiation.
    Creative Bioarray also provides suitable expansion and differentiation media. Immediately after isolation, the freshly prepared CD133+ Progenitor Cells are cryopreserved using Creative Bioarray's proprietary serum-free,animal component-free and defined freezing medium Cryo-SFM. Each cryo vial contains more than 100.000 viable cells after thawing.
  • Organism
  • Human
  • Storage and Shipping
  • Store in liquid nitrogen and ship in dry ice.


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